T3- Cytomel – What it is and What it Does

T3- Cytomel

People will use anything to gain an advantage. However how far are you will to go or how much do you want to risk to get it. We have covered steroids and fat burners which all cause short and long term side effects if abused. When we turn the microscope to T3 we are looking at something that could completely ruin your endocrine system and for little more than dropping a few kilos!

Firstly what is T3? T3 is the naturally produced thyroid hormone Triiodothyronine, commonly referred to as the T3 hormone. Cytomel is the commonly used brand name of this drug which has been widely available since the 1950’s. This drug is used to treat people who suffer from severely underactive thyroid which leads to weight gain, loss of energy, loss of hair and patchy skin. There is also T4 which may be used but is 4-5 times less strong as T3.

T3 works by strongly boosting your BMR (basal metabolic rate) quite often people with severe deficiencies in thyroid hormone will notice it very easy to gain fat, they will also feel very lethargic and struggle to loose weight. When using T3 it works on a cellular level by metabolizing your carbohydrates, fats and proteins much faster. A small dose only is necessary for increased metabolism in people suffering from this syndrome. However athletes will quite often take much more than the recommended dosage in order to drop excess fat.

When athletes do this they may not realize what it is doing to them internally. T3 feeds of raw ATP which is you energy system. When doing this excess use of T3 can lead them to feel lethargic. When using T3 it is common for the un educated user to also drop calories in order to enhance the effect while this is extremely dangerous and damaging to your body it also means that T3 and ATP will feed of whatever it can get it hands on which in many cases is lean tissue or muscle. This doesn’t benefit the user at all.

Side effects of Cytomel T3

  • Excessive sweating
  • Headaches
  • Irregular bowel
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Loss or irregular menstrual cycles
  • Nervousness
  • Increased hunger

In severe cases

  • Anginia
  • Heart failure
  • Hypothyroidism

You can see how severly T3 can damage you and only over a small amount of time. This is one drug that is not meant to be messed with. If you have a healthy functioning thyroid lets aim to keep it that way. If you think you suffer from a thyroid deficiency then you must consult with your GP and ask for the appropriate testing to be carried out.  Playing around with either T3or T4 is extremely damaging internally and can change the way your body functions for life.

It is much more appealing and incredibly more effective and safe to find a coach who will prescribe a proper training and nutrition plan to suit you and your needs over a sensible timeline. If you have a coach who says you should take certain drugs to enhance your body think twice about making your next payment. You want the best for your health and longevity and so should they. Nothing is more satisfying than holding you head high and achieving your goal knowing you did everything the right way. You will thank yourself 10 years down the track when you aren’t 20 kilos heavier with a thyroid system that rivals a bed ridden 90 yr old and all for the short glory of dropping those few extra kgs.


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