AWNBS has teamed up with Unique Crew to run weekly posing classes to ensure you gain the vital knowledge and confidence in being on stage,how best to pose to show off your physique, learning the stage walk and posing requirements for the different divisions.

Knowing how to pose correctly is one of the biggest elements with regards to you prep. You've just worked extremely hard for your stage condition the last thing you want to do is waste all that training and diet by not showing off all that hard work!!  f the judges can't see aspects of your physique eg. shoulders and are they expected to score you on it?!!

Make sure you book your place now, so that you can practice, learn and take in all the tips and tricks you need to dominate the stage.

You can contact Jess or Sarah from Unique Crew through their website Uniquecrew to check out all the upcoming posts and events on the AWNBS Social Media for locations, times and costs.

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