Nutrition Basics

When people hear the word nutrition/diet/ macros/carbs/calories quite often their thought process is one of fear... Am I eating to may calories? Should I try a diet to loose my belly? Are carbs bad for me? What is the right balance? If you think like this don't worry you aren't the only one.

Combined with listening to what other people think, reading the latest magazine article (which has no substance or scientific proof), watching the media portray what the "perfect body" is we over think nutrition everyday. These are all of things that lead us to dead ends and make us feel bad. When you are old and grey you will kick yourself for always over thinking. So stop over thinking now!

Let's keep it simple here. We all want to be lean and toned with less body fat right? Guess what? The formula here isn't hard when Food = Fuel. When you start to view it like this and start to actually apply your knowledge and see the benefits and results you will ask yourself why you didn't think of this sooner.


Primarily used as fuel for the body. If you are sedentary and don't train a lot well you don't need a lot of fuel do you? Carbs are just that, an energy source for the body. Excess energy = weight gain.

Sources: Vegetables and Fruit

Keeping it simple here as we all know that breads/ pastas/ rice etc are carbs. However what we want is fibrous carbs high in micro nutrients (vitamins/minerals) that will keep you feeling more full for longer and give you a longer lasting energy.


Protein is a building block for the body. It helps to repair muscle, hair, skin, nails as well as cells. If you lack protein you will never get the body you want.

I recommend 2.2g per kg of lean mass for individuals training 3 or more times per week. You need to constantly give your body protein if you want results. If you skip protein for meals everyday, week after week then you aren't feeding the muscles you work and it shrinks as does your metabolism.

Sources: Lean meats, seafood, eggs, nuts, protein shakes


Fats are used to fuel the brain keep a healthy endocrine system (hormones) that look after your vital organs. Fats are good for you but often get a bad wrap. Why? Usually just so you buy a magazine to read about a silly study that doesn't make sense. All natural fats are necessary for human life. You need a minimum of 40g per day for basic medical needs and extra depending on your activity and body type. Eat real foods (anything not processed) and your body will get what is needs.

Sources: Salmon, nuts, avocado, some oils (coconut/ virgin olive oil) meats, eggs

Again don't over complicate your thinking about fats. Your body needs them and their acids to function. Once you start to eat the right fats you will quickly see the benefits.


Fibre aids in digestion and in keeping a healthy and clean bowel. You need fibre in your diet. Aim for 15g per 1000 calories consumed. If you're like most people and don't want to add it up it's simple formula of eating lots of vegetables and moderate amounts of fruit.

Sources: Vegetables and fruits, beans and legumes

Eating the RIGHT food isn't hard. You may tell yourself it's hard. But I bet at one point getting to the gym and lifting a weight was hard and now you love it!

If you really struggle with food you need to simplify it... Don't listen to what people say, don't buy into ANY diets or shake fads, magazines are often full of garbage the trick here is to just eat good wholesome foods. Your knowledge is power but it's how you apply it that counts.


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