NO to Drugs in Sport

Commonly used anabolic steroid for both women and men not only throughout bodybuilding but an array of other sports. This is a very unique drug and one that has very dangerous side effects which can be damaging to your endocrine system (hormones) and many vital organs including your liver and heart.

Oxandrolone or as it is more commonly known Anavar or Var for short is a synthetic steroid developed back in the 1960's. It was created and successfully used for people with muscle wasting diseases, severe burn cases and patients with HIV/AIDS. However it gained a bad name when it was abused widely with the bodybuilding community. For people who simply don't need it... The general population.

Anavar is commonly found in either liquid, tablet or capsules and is almost 100% black market produced (bath tub gear) and not pharmaceutical. Black market steroids and fat burners will look pharmaceutical but are cleverly made like this by organised crime rings. These are often very dirty an made in less than sterile conditions.

The effects of anavar abuse on the female body aren't pretty and may cause but aren't limited to..

  • liver cysts
  • liver tumours
  • scaring of liver
  • changes in blood lipids
  • hardening of artery walls
  • restriction of blood flow
  • increase in testosterone
  • hirsutism (unwanted hair growth)
  • deepening of voice
  • acne
  • heart palpitations
  • myocardial infarction
  • and many other nasty side effects.

Many coaches or friends may push Anavar on their clients/friends to use as a muscle hardener and to help put on size but the side effects outweigh the short-lived "benefits". If you are wanting to gain muscle and look as lean as possible track down a coach who wants the best for your health and longevity, one that cares about you and wants you to understand the benefits of an intense but achievable workout regime and a structured and tailored nutrition plan. The sense of fulfilment and pride will long outweigh the anavar users 6 weeks cycle gains and losses with eventual side effects.

In the end you have one body and in this industry you are the model for health, fitness and happiness on the outside AND inside don't skip the most important one...


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