No to Drugs in Sport – Part 3

Over the past two entries I have covered commonly used dangerous drugs  throughout the body building society and sports in general. First we covered Clenbuterol a strong fat burner with potentially lethal side effects and secondly Oxandrolone or Anavar an anabolic steroid commonly used by both men and women which also carrys with it the potential for serious short and long term harm for the human body.

Today we will talk about another anabolic steroid.... Stanazolol

Stanazolol more commonly called Stanazol or simply  "Stan" is a veterinary steroid. It is commonly used for horses, dogs and cats to help increase muscle mass and keep mentioned animals lean. Key word here being VETERINARY.

Stanazol comes in tablet, liquid, injectable and capsule form. It's typically used as a muscle hardener and although it is said to help the user burn fat this isnt proven to be true it is simply a weak anabolic steroid with harmful side effects. Although approved for human use the type often found on the black market is that of veterinary branding.

Stanazol is very popular as it can be taken  orally and has a very short half life. This meaning it is in and out of the body quickly. .. but is still detectable for some time. Being a "dry compound" it doesn't convert to estrogen so will give the user a hard looking physique but also one with many side effects which range from.

-Dry joints
-Decrease in natural testosterone production
-Heart disease
-Liver disease
-Headache/trouble sleeping
-Loss of libido

The list is scary and many people have suffered all of these side effects. Many athletes have used and abused stanazol over the years perhaps the most infamous case was that of Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson who was stripped of his gold medal from the 1988 Olympic games.

Using drugs to increase performance is not only unfair it's unsafe, immoral and unjustified. I bet if Ben Johnson was to look back now and say NO to the coach who gave it to him and went on to trust his natural ability he may have still won that gold medal if not he could have held his head high and proud as he walked away with perhaps a silver or bronze and his reputation intact.

At the end of the day you have to put a hell of a lot of hard work in to be the best at something. You have to make sacrifices and do things you may not want but turning to help down the dirty road of drugs isn't the answer and if you don't get caught out the guilt will surely haunt you. Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved, never listen to the naysayers or doubters and most of all be true to yourself!


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