Contouring and Highlighting Basics

It's the next big thing in beauty at the moment, that is after brows of course. Learning the tricks of contouring and highlighting for your face shape is like giving yourself photo shop, but in real life!

Using just two products and the right tools you can change your whole face shape, enhance cheekbones and slim your nose in a few easy brush strokes.

But before you start whacking on the shimmery glitter stick and bronzer and looking like a mosaic disco ball, read the tips below.

Contouring and highlighting is about illusion, it's about bringing forward and enhancing some areas of the face, whilst creating shadow and depth in others.

To create this you'll generally need two products, a contour and a highlighter. You can use creams or powders depending on your preference. If you choose a powder a sponge or brush will be your tool of choice for application. For a cream, you could use a brush, but often fingers are the best. The natural heat and natural oils make for easier blending.

You will need to research your face shape and figure out where to apply the darks and lights to suit. Applying highlights to the tops of the cheeks and contouring the hollows, can make a round face seem slimmer, but for a long face could make it look longer. So know where is best to apply for you.

You want the look to be soft and natural and not obvious so choosing the right shades for your skin tones are important.

As a general rule stick to 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone for highlight and 2 shades darker for your contouring.

Pick appropriate colouring for you, don't go too orange or red if you have more beige undertones and try to stay away from too much shimmer. A little luminosity works great in your highlighter and can give you a nice glow but you don't want to look sparkly.

Don't over use your product and blend, blend, blend, either using your finger tips a sponge or a fluffy brush and buff gently.

Don't forget to add a little colour in your cheeks, the right blush will give you a little colour back in your cheeks and stop you from looking washed out.

So go forth and practice giving yourself the of perfect bone structure next time you apply your makeup. Be sure to post some of your efforts and images from using these tips on the AWNBS official Instagram page and tag us using #AWNBSEssentialBeautyStrathpine.



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