AWNBS Medallion Pendants Announced

The Australian Women's Natural Body Sculpting Queensland Titles is a great way to show case and celebrate the amazing hard work of women of all ages and body types.

AWNBS is dedicated to create a spectacular event to celebrate and showcase the unique, powerful and beautiful women in each category. All contestants will have the chance to shine in front of a crowd with their stunning body transformations. Each division has a maximum of 15 contestants to ensure that each and every competitor has a fair chance to be seen. All contestants will have the chance to shine in front of the crowd with their stunning transformations.

This highly desirable pendant it is something exclusive that you can only get by being a winner of a particularly elite group of the AWNBS achievers in Australia. The beautifully custom made pendant is solid sterling silver and is made by Australian Master Jewelers. Each hallmarked piece is individually hand-finished and superbly detailed to reflect the official AWNBS competition logo. 1st and 2nd place winner’s pendants are also hand set with a natural diamond or sapphire, and engraved with a record of the wearer’s accomplishments as a permanent recognition of their success.

The value of your pendant is between $160 - $300 given the amount of sterling silver in them, the fact they are custom made in Australia, hand finished with beautiful detailing the Medallion Pendant money can’t buy.  The only way to own an exclusive AWNBS original design Medallion Pendant is through achievement, hard work and winning.

The official AWNBS medallion pendant is a desirable trophy and record of achievement to wear and cherish through the years.

The distinctive design announces to the world that you are an AWNBS winner.  Each year’s limited edition pendant can be worn with the medal from the previous year to create a collection of winner’s medals that can be worn together.

It will be proudly worn by AWNBS winners for many years to come.

AWNBS Pendant

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