Seven Tips to Make Sure you are Ready for Competition

  • Hair to be done first thing on comp day, before your tan and makeup
  • Makeup to be applied after your tan top coat
  • Eyelashes extensions, jewellery and lip gloss, maybe take some spares for the last minute emergency, make sure these items enhance your appearance, not cover you.
  • Tan will and does rub of so be careful were you sit, lean or lay
  • High Heels Taller models 4-5 inch heel, Shorter models a 5-6 inch heel. Use a hairdryer when you first get them to soften the plastic and pop your feet in, this will allow them to mold to your feet, you need to be confident in them, wear them as much as you can especially when posing.
  • Posing is a huge part of the competition. Judges notice those who can pose. Practice in front of mirror to see how you look and then remember the feeling so that you can then practice without the mirror. Practice makes perfect and don't forget to smile so that it will then become a habit. (12 week and 6 week posing packages are available through our AWNBS suppliers)
  • Stand tall and be confident and beautiful.
  • Remember to follow all symmetry’s and poses, bending over is not recommended.

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