5 Tips for Getting Competition Ready

Follow your training program
Stick to you training program, nothing more and nothing less.
Remember your coach has programmed your plan specifically to your needs to produce the best outcome. If they wanted you to do more or less, they would tell you!

Give 100%
Every session counts.

You think your training hard? I guarantee someone else is training harder!

The importance of flexibility and mobility to improve your posing

Are you showing a winged scapula (aka your shoulder blades stick out)? Do you struggle to open your back to show a beautiful v-taper? Are you unable to twist your torso in your quarter turns to show a small waist?

If you struggle with any of your poses due to tightness and restrictions you may be able to correct these by working on your flexibility and mobility. Talk to your coach about how to correct these issues and improve your posing to show your best on stage!

Exercise Technique

It is important you use correct technique to develop beautiful full muscles.
Are you engaging the correct muscles? Does something hurt, feel unstable or just doesn't feel right?

If you aren't sure, ask your coach or trainer to assess. Alternatively, take a video of yourself training and compare with videos on You Tube. You will quickly see any differences.

  • The most common exercises that are performed poorly:
    Bench Press
    Lat pulldown
    Majority of core and abdominal exercises

Listen to your body

Muscles hurting in a way that feels 'wrong'?

Maybe you feel run down due to stress, work, previous training sessions or recovering from an injury or illness.

Don't push it. If it doesn't feel right, stop. If you're sick DON'T TRAIN!

If your body needs to recover it will let you know, so listen!


Tammie Sarkozy

  • Musclemania Ms Figure Universe Pro
  • Bikini & Figure Coach
  • AWNBS Judge

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