5 Things to look for in a Prep Coach

Look at the top athletes, I can guarantee most, if not all have a coach to be accountable to.
I coach athletes every season. I know exactly what training and nutrition they need to make them achieve their best. I STILL hire a coach for my own prep to ensure I stay on track.
Every prep is different and it always helps to have someone on the outside see things for what they really are and make the appropriate changes. I value having someone to be accountable to, its added pressure that ensures I stay on track. Its one thing to let yourself down and another to let someone else down.

Do your research.

Everyones a 'Prep Coach' these days. Before spending your money on the first person who claims they are Mr Olympia, do a background check.

  • What do their clients look like on stage?
  • What do they charge and do you see the value in the cost?
  • Meet the coach. The relationship between the Coach and Client is very important. You will be working closely with this person so you want to feel trust and the ability to be open and honest.
  • What service do they provide and is it the service you want?
  • Do you believe in the methods they prescribe e.g.: does the idea of eating nothing but chicken and rice sit well with you? Do want minimal supplements? This is your body and you can make these choices before committing to anything that makes you feel uneasy.

Investing in a good Coach wont come cheap but I can guarantee if you are serious about this sport, it is worth every cent.


Tammie Sarkozy

  • Musclemania Ms Figure Universe Pro
  • Bikini & Figure Coach
  • AWNBS Judge

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