The Power of Perfect Brows

FINALLY people are starting to realise the importance of having amazing brows. They are certainly not, 'just eyebrows' as my husband would say. And in my opinion great brows and white teeth are the two things that will carry you through on even your worst hair days. We'll get to the white teeth another day but today lets talk brows.

They frame your whole face, if you've ever seen the pics of celebrities with their brows photo shopped off you know what I mean. They highlight brighten and open up your eyes. People WILL notice when you have great brows.

So where do you start? How do you know if you've got the right shape style or thickness. Well my firstly DON'T shape them yourself, get professional advice here it's worth every penny. But here are some things to look out for....

Where the brow starts in the middle, the general consensus is starting in line with the indentation of your nostril, now for some face shapes with a narrower or wider nose this might need to be adjusted but as a general rule this is where they should start.

The arch of the brow (so the hightest point) should be on the outside edge of the iris, so the coloured part, following down to the edge of the nostril.
And the tail of the brow should finish in line with the corner of the eye following down to the edge of the nostril also.


Using these as a rough guide and remembering that the length of the brow leading up to the arch should be the same length to a little longer than the tail end, should give you the right shape to suit your face.

To maximise the impact of your brows tinting and pencil or powder are also necessary. And if you have little to no brows, semi permanent makeup is also a great option. They look super natural and give definition and shape that won't sweat off.

Don't be afraid to play around with different shapes and thicknesses with your pencil or powder. Different shapes can change your whole look.

So ladies speak to your brow lady and start working towards your perfect brow.

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