Welcome to the Australian Natural Women’s Body Sculpting Federation (AWNBS), we look forward to having you on board as a valued member to our federation and as a competitor at events.

Thank you for your interest with regards to the AWNBS Members Payment Plan options for competing. We recognise the amount of effort and cost that is involved for athletes to compete in these competitions time and time again and as such we are committed to support our members by offering payment plan option so that this can be a worry free process and give you more time to focus on your preparation.

Please read the below payment plan options and understand the terms and conditions.
Please note that your Membership fee of $150 is to be paid in full, prior to us agreeing to your payment plan application. Please click here to register to become a member.


Payment plans can start as soon as you contact AWNBS.  We currently have 12, 10 and 8 week plans.  Please note all plans are finalised one to two weeks prior to the event you are competing in, so that your registrations can be confirmed.

You have the option to pay weekly or fortnightly.

Payment plans can be arranged using the following process. You MUST have registered to become a member BEFORE contacting us to set up your payment plan.

Send an email to info@awnbs.com.au with confirmation of which categories and the divisions in which you wish to compete in, you can check the below Category links to see which divisions are available:

Advise us if you would prefer weekly or fortnightly payment installations.

We will send you a payment plan confirmation email with all the costings and breakdowns including your Ezi Debit form to fill in, sign and send back to AWNBS to activate your plan.

Note - Payment plans incur a $50 administration and set up fee which is broken down over the payment plan period.


Jane wishes to take up the payment plan, she is wanting to pay off her Registration Fee plus 1 additional category class, her costs are below:
First Division Registration Fee 1 x $160
Additional Division Registration x 1 @ $70 each
Administration / Set up fee x 1 @ $50
Total Costing $280

This cost is then broken down into a weekly or fortnightly fee dependent upon the time frame in which we are notified that you wish to take up a payment plan.

Please contact info@awnbs.com.au – if you wish to apply for your payment plan and a member of our support team will contact you to get your plan ready.