Fad diets… Shake Diets

You have probably read the headline and automatically had a negative thought pop into your head. The word itself is terrible.. DIET! It’s just DIE with a T on the end right? No doubt over the years you have tried a diet or 2 or 10! With social media, magazines, paper and TV you are bound to hear of a new “AMAZING” diet every week. The old headline “get as ripped as your favourite movie star with this new secret diet” or “ Get slim for summer with the new shake diet”. How many times have we heard these bogus headlines? Sometimes a friend might tell you about a new diet they have been doing to lose all this weight and it’s “amazing” I have lost so much weight in so little time! How long did your friend keep that weight off? Let’s look one today….

Shake diets are all too common these days, I don’t have to tell you the name of them for you to understand what they are about either. Some of you have tried them or have a friend or family member who has. Wonder why they have lost so much weight? Because they have 3 shakes a day and are most likely more active than they were before. Do they keep it off? Are they happy when they are on it? Are they able to live their life to the max while drinking these average tasting shakes? I think we can answer NO to everyone. I wonder how their body looks on the inside…

Shake diet’s often sell themselves on “cleansing the body” Or “detoxing” So in theory this “health shake” is meant to cleanse your blood. Your liver naturally cleanses your body’s whole blood store 20 times per day. How do you expect a shake full of fillers, chemicals and processed sugar to do the same?  It’s easy to get roped in by images of before and after. Quite often those photos are done on the same day. Watch a documentary called “bigger stronger faster” it will give you a great look into how fake some of these brands are.

If you care enough about your body and your longevity you will research and educate yourself on what you need to eat. If you are smart you will not starve yourself and prescribe yourself to some silly calorie restricted diet. We need carbohydrates for cellular energy so we can function every day. We need protein to build muscle, hair, skin and nails. Fats are necessary for organ health and hormone optimization. Fibre is essential for processing of our macro and micro nutrients. Without a balance of these in basic medical needs we are under nourishing our bodies…. your most important asset in this life.

Live a life full of great foods and when you have an outing a family BBQ or just want a bit of ice cream eat it and enjoy yourself. I have always found when cutting out all the stuff I love the weight falls off but I was never happy when dieting and when looking back now I was doing it for no good reason. Along with the massive binges that came because I thought I “deserved” it my metabolism was out of whack and I built intolerance's to certain foods. Make sure you balance your foods and don’t fall in for anything that is labeled as a diet. Look after your body for life… not specific time periods to look good for beach photo.


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