Contest Prep Tip

PRACTICE YOUR POSING – As often as possible.

Unfortunately, a lot of people who prepare themselves for a contest, forget, funnily enough, that it’s actually a posing contest. Yes, looking amazing is a big part of it, but having fantastic conditioning on stage won’t be enough to give you a chance at winning.

Imagine being in tip top shape, backstage, pumped, ready to go and you get up on stage and forget what poses to do, or even worse, realise then and there that you don’t even know how to pose. You may only have the 2nd or 3rd best physique on stage, but if you can pose fantastically and manipulate your poses to look better than the other competitors, you give yourself a better chance at taking that 1st place.

Posing can give the illusion that your muscles are bigger/fuller, more detailed, your waist will look smaller, you may even be able to make yourself appear taller/shorter.

Find out what looks best for you, stick with it, and practice is AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.

Remember that the AWNBS has posing coaches holding classes closer to the contest date for Bikini, Fitness and Figure competitors to help you maximize your chances of shining on stage.

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