Carnosine: Anti-aging supplement

Many of you have never heard of Carnosine before, those of you who have maybe know little about it and how it can potentially benefit you. Before we start di-peptide means a bond of 2 peptides or “proteins” these are histidine and beta-alanine (that’s important to remember for later). Carnosine is highly concentrated in muscle and brain tissues.

Carnosine is extremely important as it shields us from oxidation, glycation, DNA damage and other potential injury to tissue and organs. When we are young Carnosine is quite abundant in our bodies, however as we age it become less and less available. So what would supplementing with it do for us? The answer is.. plenty!

  • Carnosine fights age inducing processes as oxidation, glycation, protein cross-linking, mitochondrial dysfunction and transitional metal accumulation.
  • Carnosine is a natural anti-aging constituent in your body.
  • Carnosine levels decline with age, meaning you are more at risk against age related processes.
  • Carnosine supplementation can restore youthful levels in your blood and tissues.
  • Carnosine has been found to extend the life of experimental animals of many species.

It targets major processes involved in aging….

Oxidation as mentioned before is a major contributor to cancer formation. Carnosine grabs the oxygen and nitrogen free radicals and drastically reduces their impact on fat and DNA molecules. Another major cause of aging is Glycation, which is the formation of molecular compounds of glucose with enzymes and proteins. These Glycated proteins then induce potent oxidant stress and trigger inflammatory responses that hasten the aging process. Carnosine steps in here and “sacrifices” itself to take the hit to be glycated and in turn sparing other vital structures, once again working in an anti-aging manor.

You may have read that last passage and thought…. “I don’t understand…. is that good?” Yes it is very good! To put it simply your body is being saved from dangerous contributors to aging by simply increasing your carnosine levels.

In our everyday diets and living it is also likely we encounter too many heavy metals. Zinc, copper and iron are all essential minerals but when we accumulate to much they are known to induce Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease’s. Carnosine binds to the ions of these metals and rids them from potential damage.

Now many of you aren’t at a point in your life where these diseases are an issue but it’s better to educate yourself early on the potential risks. Many of you have heard of Beta-Alanine before, if you haven’t it is a very popular supplement. Well carnosine is made from Beta-alanine as previously mentioned. When exercising it buffers the rising levels of acid that accumulate when working out your muscles.

If you could extend the amount of time for that pain to kick in imagine how much more you would get out of your workout. This is incredibly important if you are in a competitive sport or training intensely for an upcoming competition. Reduce fatigue and increase performance… sounds good to me!

Using Carnosine now will greatly assist your cardiovascular output and lactic buffering when exercising. As you get older your natural levels continue to drop due to degradation and increased demand through more vulnerable destruction, this is when you need to consider a more considerate protocol.

Carnosine is viewed as a superior supplement and one that has many great anti-aging properties. There have been many great findings about its protective effects. Its actions combine to prevent age related diseases such as dementia, heart disease, cognitive decline and slowing of metabolic syndromes like diabetes.

The common place where people go wrong is actually using Carnosine as a supplement and not Beta-Alanine. You might be thinking haven’t we been talking about Carnosine this whole time? Yes we have indeed. However it is through multiple human studies we have observed that Beta-alanine is converted into Carnosine in the body much more efficiently than straight Carnosine. Drop into your local Supplement store and ask for some straight Beta-alanine today and monitor your results.


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