Breakout freak outs!?

So you have started your new training regime and food plan for competition prep and you're feeling good, except despite the healthy life style your skin is
breaking out!! I'm doing all the right things I hear you say, I'm healthier
than I've ever been!? Why is this happening?.

In this post I will talk about 3 general possibilities as to why this could be happening and I have provided some helpful tips on how to deal with the breakouts.


If you have just started a whole new routine, the change in diet and training
is most likely your culprit. Your skin will often go through a detox faze, or a
purge where all of the things you've cut out (maybe those few extra chocolates
here and there) are being flushed out of your system.

The answer here, is to ensure that you keep up your water intake and to ensure you are using good quality professional skin products to minimise the damage and promote the right healing of the skin. The most important thing to do is to not pick or scratch!

The good news in this case is take the above mentioned steps it's 2-3 weeks tops and your skin should be glowing with health like the rest of you.


This one means you have to pay attention to what you put in your body! It
could be the introduction of new supplements or foods that your body isn't
used to processing. Excess caffeine is a big one for women and breakouts so
just be mindful of over use of pre work outs fat burners and other

There are some people who are reactive to certain foods, yes even healthy ones, so keep a food diary if you think this is you.

Again as mentioned above, with the right care and a little time these breakouts should settle. Always make sure you speak to your coach about any concerns about your food or supplements. Sometimes your skin is the first place you'll see signs of intolerance or allergies so if they persist you might need to make some changes.


The last and most simple answer is perspiration. Any makeup sitting on the skin can cause the breakouts, so always make sure you remove your makeup prior to training. There is lots of nasty stuff in some makeups and this sitting on
your skin and getting into your heated up and open pores can definitely
cause skin irritations and breakouts. Wash your face with a good quality
cleanser and moisturise straight after training if you can! Don't let the perspiration and bacteria sit on your skin and cause bumps and lumps. Get
your skin squeaky clean ASAP.

Another tip here is to make sure you exfoliate all of the dead skin off regularly, at least a couple of times a week depending on your skin. It helps to keep your skin looking bright and clear and stops pore blockages. This applies for the body as well!!

So there you have it ladies, the most common reasons for breakouts after
some fitness and lifestyle changes.

Follow the above tips and your skin should be smooth clear and glowing with
health in no time.

Remember to always seek advice from a skin care professional or dermatologist if breakouts persist or you are concerned.


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