Be kind to your body

No-one is perfect.

You may look at others in envy and think 'I wish I had her legs', meanwhile they are looking at you thinking 'I wish I had her arms!'.

If you're working hard to be the healthiest person you can, remind yourself!

Instead of pointing out what you don't like, try pointing out what you do like.

Its much too easy to put ourselves down. Doing this day after day only traps you into a negative mindset.

Lets make the change and find the positives, every day. Before you know it it will be a standard way of thinking and you will in turn love your body! Imagine how good that will feel?

A positive mind fuels a healthy body.


Tammie Sarkozy

  • Musclemania Ms Figure Universe Pro
  • Bikini & Figure Coach
  • AWNBS Judge

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